author(s):Mallison, Heinrich
contributors:Hamm, Charlie; Hampe, Oliver; Asbach, Patrick; Schwarz, Daniela
abstract:Photogrammetry is currently a frequently used technique for surface imaging, producing high-quality 3D surface data. We report the technical effort, workflow and image quality of photogrammetry in comparison to a clinical CT. The fossil investigated in this study is the skull of a Tyrannosaurus rex (MB.R.91216) from the Maastrichtian of Montana, U.S.A., and this photogrammetry dataset contains the following bones: T-10 (right lacrimal), T-28 (left dentary), and T-36 (right articular) in .ply format.
license:CC BY-SA
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Dataset: Photogrammetry data Tyrannosaurus rex MB.R.91216

An embargo has been imposed on the publication of the raw data until publication of the research article.